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      1. Keremeos, Cawston, Olalla Real Estate "Your Keremeos Connection"

        Homes for Sale Keremeos, Cawston, Olalla

        Whether you are Buying or Selling Real Estate in Keremeos, Cawston, Olalla, call the friendly folks at?. . .

        MyTown Realty Ltd.

        "Your Keremeos Connection"

        Local:? (250) 499-1363

        Toll Free: 1-877-499-1363

        Locally Owned & Operated


        Our?Real Estate?Philosophy is simple : "Providing our clients with the real estate information they need to make a decision that is right for them". ??

        The Advantages of working with MyTown Realty Ltd:?

        For our Sellers:?

        • Full MLS? Service!?
        • Electronic Signature Software. ?
        • Integrated website with software that automatically promotes your property on a variety of additional websites!?
        • Property Evaluations?using professionally?accepted appraisal principals!?
        • Staging Advice to maximize your value!
        • 2 fully licensed real estate professionals, Proudly living and working in Keremeos.?
          Broker - Owners / Husband & Wife: ? ?Daniel Melnychuk and Susan Shoemaker


        For Our Buyers:?

        • Full MLS? access?to all?listings.
        • Electronic Signature Software.
        • Desire to find you the right house and best value for your budget.
        • Understanding of principles of financing a variety of properties including residential, mobile homes, investment and commercial.
        • Proudly living and working in Keremeos.
          Husband & Wife, ?Broker-Owners: ? ?Daniel Melnychuk and Susan Shoemaker

        Our Combined Credentials:?

        ? *? Previous background in Commercial Development, Financing, Banking.
        ? *? Previous experience marketing Independent and Assisted Living Facility.
        ? *? Extensive experience in Relocations for Corporate Clients.
        ??* ?Extensive experience with Court Ordered sale process.
        ??* ?Dozens
        ?of client testimonials.


        Click Here to Contact Us By Email.

        For quickest response, call us directly @ 250-499-1363
        or toll free: 1-877-499-1363


        Community Info Page

        Click here for the Keremeos Legion

        Click here for the Keremeos Museum

        Click here for Village of Keremeos

        Click here for the Historic Grist Mill in Keremeos?

        Clik here for Society of Migrant Workers


        Featured Listings


        Husband & Wife

        Daniel & Susan

        Box 106
        Keremeos, British Columbia, V0X 1N0

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        Click this link to view Our Local Listings


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